What to Eat When you Have a Bun in the Oven (Guide to Prenatal Nutrition)

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If you have been recently keeping up with me you might know I am a Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner and I have a business called Own Your Birth, which you can visit here. I’m interested in all things related to birthing. Having a Bachelors Degree in kinesiology it’s second nature for me to wonder why the body works the way it does. So when people tell me about their terrible birth experiences, (and yes, that happens very foten) I always use to wonder why that happens. I wondered why their body didn’t work how it’s intended to, and I began to wonder what on earth is going on inside the body when you have a baby?! My curiosity lead me to researching the answer, which lead me to HypnoBirthing, which lead me to thinking that evhypnobirthing, own your birth, bun in the oven, nutrition, pregnancyeryone needs to know about this method giving birth, which is why I got certified. Since then I have been creating additional information for a better birth experience. Today I’m uncovering prenatal nutrition. Since a baby’s entire body is formed completely from the nutrients you provide, and only the nutrients you consume are available for your baby’s growth and development, nutrition can make all the difference in the world.

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The Unveiled Wife (Book Review)

wife after God

The Unveiled Wife:

Embracing intimacy with God and your husband


The first few years of marriage were nothing like Jennifer Smith expected. She loved God and she loved her husband, that wasn’t a question. From the outside it seemed as though she was doing everything right. From marriage, to church, to working on the mission field, she was following God’s lead and trying to be a woman of God. But when she quickly became unfulfilled in her marriage, she began to question everything. This book is not just for struggling marriages, but for every woman on her journey with God.

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White Almond Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting

buttercream, frosting, white, alomd extract, cupcakes, cake mix

This is by far the best cupcake recipe I have ever made. If you don’t know the deliciousness of almond extract, I suggest you try it. This recipe would be pretty good without it. But with it, oh. my. gosh. it’s sooooo good. I have never had someone tell me, “eh, those cupcakes were alright, I’ve had better”. Nope, it just doesn’t happen. Every single person who has tried these cupcakes wants the recipe. So I suggest you make them…. right now.

Once I added the almond extract in this recipe I knew it would be amazing. But the real surprise is the frosting. I really don’t like buttercream frosting. It’s just too sweet for me. I like whippy frosting. I completely realize that “whippy” is not a word. But whatever, it is today!

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No Bake Energy Bites

Protein snack, energy ball, back to school snack, no bake, easy kid recipe, protein ball

There is something about this time of year that I love. I’m not in school anymore, and I don’t have kids yet, so I don’t know why I love back to school time, but I do! The end of summer is never fun, but it’s like everyone hits the restart button. All the kids get new clothes and new school supplies, everyone is excited about new classes and new friends. And the school year really starts out strong for everyone. I continue this tradition, even without the school part! Okay, I might not get new school supplies anymore, or new clothes for that matter! But I do get this extra motivation to step up my game! These no bake every bites and the perfect amount of protein and sweet to get your kids (or husband) through the day! I put these in my husband’s lunch and the loves them!! Since it’s protein, it keeps him full between meals, and I just don’t tell him there’s oatmeal in them!! He just thinks they’re candy! They are also super easy to make! And they are no-bake, which is even

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How to Have a Successful Garage Sale

Yard sale, signs, garage sale, how to make money

Summer is in full swing! That means no school, camping, swimming, fire pits, and garage sales!! Growing up I remember having an annual garage sale. My grandparents would come over and bring their unwanted items to combine with ours. My parents would get up early to set things up and by the time I woke up things were pretty much ready to go. I would go with my dad to help set up the signs on the street corners, and my grandpa would go make a donut run for breakfast. My little brother and I would set up a lemonade stand and sit at the end of the driveway. It all seemed so easy!! I will be the first to tell you… it is easy! It does however, take a lot of time and effort. I’ve never had a garage sale for myself before, but I figured we would have enough crap to get rid of since my husband and I have lived in our house now for almost 2 years. I wanted to see how successful I could be at having a garage sale.

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